DeezNuts are about to Drop

Don't miss your chance to be an initial holder of DEEZ (DeezNuts)

How bout DEEZ?

Get to know DeezNuts

DEEZ are ERC20 Tokens based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Contract Address: 0x075c60EE2cD308ff47873b38Bd9A0Fa5853382c4

Symbol: DEEZ

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 7,646,707,834 

What can DeezNuts do for you?

DeezNuts can bring joy to you and others around you. Talk about DeezNuts with your friends and family. Share DeezNuts on social media. Ask your favorite vendor if they take DeezNuts. There is almost no limit to what you can do with DeezNuts!

Who wants DeezNuts?

Who doesn't? If DeezNuts put a smile on your face, then you don't want to miss this opportunity to get in on the action. DeezNuts won't be available forever, so get your hands on them while you still can!

DEEZ INO Details

DeezNuts have no monetary value. Purchasing DEEZ should be thought of as lighting your money on fire for the sake of entertainment. People do that all the time though, right?


How do I get my hands on DeezNuts?

DeezNuts are currently available for purchase during our Initial Nut Offering (INO). Tokens can be purchased by sending ETH to the Smart Contract address below:


The Smart Contract will automatically dispense an amount of DEEZ based on the following rate schedule:

1 DEEZ = 0.000001 ETH

1 ETH = 1,000,000 DEEZ


Do NOT send ETH from a market or trade wallet (like Coinbase or Poloniex). DEEZ can only be held in "contract" wallet addresses (such as MetaMask and MyEtherWallet). If you aren't sure what you are doing, STOP!


DeezNuts have no value other than what you find in them. Even though they are launching with a "valuation", they are ultimately worth $0 (unless the market says otherwise). Do NOT purchase DEEZ with money you cannot afford to lose. DeezNuts are for entertainment and fun ONLY!

I can't find DeezNuts in my wallet! What do I do?!

First, relax. As long as you read the section above and followed the instructions, DeezNutz are coming at you! Depending on the Gas Cost paid for the transaction and activity on the Ethereum network, it may take a little time for DeezNuts to land in your hands.

If you have generic questions on how to find ERC20 Tokens in your wallet, Google should be your next stop. ;)

Awesome! I've got DeezNuts! Now what?

What you do with DeezNuts now is entirely up to you. Here are some recommendations on ways to enjoy DeezNuts:

  • Hold DeezNuts - You never know when the demand for DeezNuts may go through the roof! Holding onto DeezNuts ensures that you are prepared for the future.
  • Share DeezNuts -  Tell the world how you really feel about DeezNuts! Like and Share DeezNuts on your favorite social media platform.
  • Drop DeezNuts - Give the gift that keeps on giving; the gift of joy. Send DeezNuts to your friends and relatives and make sure they know you did!
  • Talk About DeezNuts - Everyone will be impressed to hear about how you are a verifiable Holder of DeezNuts! DeezNuts are a great icebreaker in almost any social situation!

How do I sell DeezNuts?

We're working on it. There are several hoops to jump through and we are dedicated to seeing DeezNuts on as many public exchanges as possible.


DeezNuts have no value beyond joy they bring you.

That's it?

Use your imagination! You are a part of history! 

At worst, think of DeezNuts like the trading cards you bought when you were a kid that ended up in a shoebox under your bed. You might sell them one day, but the real value came from the joy they brought you and the good times you had with your friends.

At best, somebody might want DeezNuts more than you some day and you can unload DeezNuts on someone else. That's what this whole Cryptocurrency thing is all about, right?