Technical Whitepaper

Curious About DEEZ?

Would you like to know more details before you get into bed with DeezNuts? We feel you. Grab a copy of the official whitepaper from our GitHub at the link below

Terms of Service

Buzzkill: Our Legal Counsel Advised Us To Add This Stuff

Seems pretty silly to need to have a "Terms of Service" section for an organization like ours, but to keep DeezNuts out of jail and court, we have been advised to make a few things crystal clear in a nice easy to read and navigate sections. It ain't gonna be full of a bunch of formal fancy legal mumbo-jumbo... so don't expect that professional bullet point junk around here, but it will cover the basics of what you need to know about DEEZ.

Also, we think we are supposed to put some disclaimer about being able to change this stuff at any time without any notice. It's like a legal "out" that we have seen in any "Terms of Service" we have ever seen... so... that too

Not a Currency

DeezNuts are not intended to be used as tender for any sort of transaction, legal or otherwise. They are purely for entertainment and pleasure. If for some off the wall bonkers reason we reach a point in society where you can walk up to someone and say "Can I pay for that with DEEZ?... DeezNuts!" and the answer is anything other than laughter.... may whatever God you believe in help us all.

Not an Investment

There should be absolutely no expectation of "return" from purchasing DeezNuts. That is not to say, we don't want you to buy them (of course we do), but in no way should you see this as anything other than a form of entertainment. We are going to take your Ether and use it to fund our shenanigans project which aims to "Expose DeezNuts to the World!" While we will absolutely continue to make every effort to get DEEZ listed on public exchanges under regulated conditions, there should be no expectation that you will ever be able to recoup any of your funds... ever. 

Also important to note, DeezNuts (DEEZ) do not represent a stake of "ownership" in DeezNuts Token, Inc. 

DeezNuts Are Exposed

The Smart Contract that governs DeezNuts is freely available and published open source work that can be used, viewed, mocked, played with and reproduced in any fashion seen fit to those who care to do so, other than to the extent where you try to look like us and present yourself as though you were "DeezNuts"... we are sort of trusting the world to "be cool" here and hope it doesn't come back to bite us. 

All source code and project files are available on our GitHub for general use and review at

Function of the Smart Contract

The code is pretty simple and straight forward. We define an ERC20 compliant token that keeps track of its own transaction (a ledger on top of a blockchain). We minted a fixed number of tokens when the contract was created and gave all of those tokens to the creator of the contract (that's us). There is no way to create/mint more tokens. 

We then allow for Ether to be sent to the Smart Contract and dispense an amount of DEEZ relative to the amount of Ether sent (1 DEEZ = 0.000001 ETH). The sent Ether is swept into the creator's wallet (that's ours) and DeezNuts are tossed at the sender of the ETH (that's you).

TL;DR: You give us ETH, We give you DeezNuts ;)

What Do You Do With All That ETH?

Excellent question. Our business is constantly evolving, and we are making most of this up as we go along, but here is how things shake out for what we will do with the funds:

  • 50%: Business Operations - 
    • On-Chain Expenses such as giveaways, airdrops, transfers, promotions, and interacting with other Smart Contracts
    • Off-Chain Expenses such as website upkeep, business registration and licensing, taxes, other operating costs (vague we know, but think of all the legit stuff that businesses have to spend money on... that stuff is what we mean here), and most importantly: advertising
  • 25%: Charity - We feel strongly that as humans we have a responsibility to look after one another and try to make the world a better place. Yeah, this whole project is jokes, but that doesn't mean good things can't come out of it.
  • 25%: Profit - We would love to think that we are altruists, but we are also entertainers hoping to get a cut for our services. This is a fun project for us, but if we can get paid doing something that is fun, then damnit we are gonna takes what we can gets.

Privacy Policy

We Don't Want Your Data

We have absolutely no interest or desire to gather data about you. We aren't here to advertise at you or sell/give away your information to anyone. There are no third party affiliates and we will not ever give out the information that we coincidentally come across about you through our dealings (unless we are required by law to do so).

Same qualifier here that gives us some legal flexibility. We reserve the right to change our minds about this and/or fix typos anytime without notice... it feels weasley even typing such bullshit, but its really just a cover-our-ass thing.

We Will Never, EVER Ask for Your Private Key

Under no circumstances, for any reason, should you ever give your Private Key to anyone. This specifically applies to your Ethereum Private Key in our situation, but across the board... do not give out your private key. Unless you are using a trusted application that allows you to interact with the blockchain to send transactions on your behalf, then someone is trying to scam you and take your Ether... don't fall for it... ever!

We Will Not Ask for "KYC" Information

DeezNuts are not an investment, not a security, not a currency, and not something that has any value beyond entertainment. You don't have to give "Know Your Customer" information out when you buy a song, a movie, a magazine, a pet rock, a balloon from the grocery store, a sack of decorative rocks for your fish tank.... you get the idea.

There is absolutely no reason for us to need your Social Security Number (SSN), Tax ID, birth date, mother's maiden name, preschool you went to, or any other personal information that you should totally not be giving out to random entities on the internet. Use your brain and ask yourself "why would they possibly need to know that?" If you can't think of a logical answer, Google it. If that doesn't get you anywhere, err on the side of smarts and walk away!

Say it Forget it, Write it Regret it

If you don't want us to have some piece of information about you, then by all means, don't tell us; we don't want to know anyway! If you don't want us to have your email, go make an email address somewhere and give that to us. If you don't want us to have your shipping address, don't buy a t-shirt or sticker from us. If you don't want us to have your public Ethereum address... well, OK, we sort of need that one, but you don't have to give us a way to correlate it against you. If you want anonymity, go for it... we gain absolutely nothing from knowing anything about you... we just want your Ether. ;)

OK, We Do Gather Some Info

We use the most basic aspects of Google Analystics to figure out how you got to our site (from social media clicks, direct access, that sort of thing) and where you are (theoretically) geographically located. We think it is fun to know where DeezNuts have been, and seeing that sort of data makes us just a little happy. If there is something else Google decides to "turn on" we probably won't know about it. We assume there is some sort of "Privacy Policy" from Google on the matter and defer to their actual legal team for stuff that matters here... againm overriding theory, we really don't care who you are.

Safety of Your Data

Let's say you buy a t-shirt that says "HODL DEEZ".... that shirthas to ship somewhere. We are going to try and figure out a way that you just buy it from someone who actually makes t-shirts for a living so that it doesn't suck and they get stuck with your data (and in turn pay us whatever portion of the sale is agreed to between us and them ahead of time). We don't ever want to have your credit card or other financial information for any reason; on file or in our brains. We really don't even want your physical address. Email is good enough, and even then, we make no guarantees that someone won't hack us and steal your address... what we do guarantee (to the most reasonable extent possible) is that you aren't gonna end up on some mailing or spam list because you decided to correspond with us.. that's not cool and nobody likes that crap. If we ask for your email, it will only be used to communicate some specific thing with you and will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of DeezNuts Token, Inc. (unless required by law)